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$ gem install gleis
$ gleis register email@example.com

What is Gleis

Gleis is the Swiss polyglot Platform as a Service (PaaS) made for the developer that wants to quickly and easily deploy a twelve-factor web app, without having to deal with the hassle of all the technical nitty gritty.

All what's necessary is to install our lightweight CLI, register for a free account and you're ready to deploy your web app. It´s that simple!

Less time SSHing, SCPing, installing, configuring, kill-9ing, upgrading. More time developing!

Gleis currently supports Ruby, Python, Elixir, Node.js and .NET Core web apps.

Gleis key features

100% Swiss infrastructure

The entire Gleis infrastructure is physically located in Switzerland and it uses blazing fast network connectivity, including IPv6 by default.

Easy-to-use CLI

Install Gleis' powerful and user-friendly open-source gem CLI and control every aspect of your web app directly from your terminal.

Zero-downtime rolling upgrades

Deploy new versions of your web app without any downtime, thanks to rolling upgrades.

Fully automated SSL certificate

No need to worry anymore about renewing your SSL certificates on time. Gleis uses Let's Encrypt in order to automatically secure your website with HTTP/2.0 for you.

Enterprise SSD storage

We care about speed and reliability and that's why we use solely enterprise-grade, redundant SSD storage. This ensures a smooth experience for your web app's visitors.

Request new add-ons or features

If you need an additional feature or have special requirements, simply get in touch with us. We accept sponsored features and are always open to implementing new functionality.

Additional features

Gleis uses the latest web technologies, such as HTTP/2.0, and it features efficient web load balancers, to leverage in-memory caching for increased page speed.

We use the highly-performant PostgreSQL database and always its latest stable version, to ensure maximal functionality and security.

Libraries that are commonly required by modern web apps, such as ImageMagick, SQLite, libxml and others, are readily available to you.

With Gleis you can have on-site persistent storage or S3-compatible object storage to store all your files that are not checked out in your Git repository.

Off-site remote back-ups are also available and included by default in all Gleis packages.

Last but not least, Gleis is being constantly improved and enhanced with new features.